Can anyone use a barn cat?

Reader Input
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Regarding “Brewery Lane homes cause concern” (Journal, April 24): situations like this are common everywhere. In regard to the cats at the residence, many, if not most, had been spayed/neutered and vaccinated. The cats that hadn’t been altered and vaccinated were in the process of becoming so due to my own recent personal efforts. I find this situation especially sad for them. As anyone who loves cats knows, as I do, cats are creatures that form bonds with humans and all they ask is for a little food and to be given a place to live. I’m sure these cats have done plenty to keep the rats and mice under control. Still, it’s a shame that with the best low-cost spay/neuter clinic this side of the Rocky Mountains right here in Auburn, the cats weren’t altered sooner. I welcome anyone interested in providing a barn home for any of the cats that will be relocated from this residence to please call the Auburn Spay and Neuter. Heather Ireland, Meadow Vista