Can police help with concerns?

Reader Input
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I have lived in Auburn for several years near Maidu Market and have enjoyed living in a low-crime-rate community. I have felt secure living in this area, but still have concerns that I would like to address. One issue is there needs to be tighter ticket enforcement from Racetrack Street to Sacramento Street because it’s unsafe to pedestrians, mostly children. Four years ago my dog broke free from his leash and was struck by a speeding car. If the car hadn’t been speeding, I feel that the car would have been able to stop before hitting my dog. The last issue I have is the need to increase Auburn City Police Department units during the week at night. I have noticed increased foot traffic during the hours after the 10 o’clock curfew. I feel it’s necessary to increase patrols around local parks and neighborhoods. If this is done, then it would decrease the foot traffic which would decrease the people who are up to no good. Brandon Robison, Auburn