Can someone please step up?

Reader Input
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I wish somebody would take my place. Since the knee operation Feb. 2, I feel the recyclables piling up already. For about seven years I’ve collected glass/aluminum/-plastic in roughly a 12-mile radius, from roadsides, railroad frontage paths, hiking trails, canals, empty lots, park embankments, blackberry thickets and more. About 119 redemption stops netted: Glass: 100 pounds times 119 equals 11,900 pounds; Aluminum: 6 pounds times 119 equals 714 pounds; Plastic: Five pounds times 119 equals 595 pounds. The monies were always donated to the Salvation Army Mission Fund. But more importantly, now who’s going to report what he sees on these sojourns as in the past: broken PCWA pipe, lidless manholes, sinkhole growing on railroad/Highway 49 intersection, storm drain overflows, railroad fire, pavement/sidewalk cave-in, oil buckets dumped along a canal, two hands-full of 32 caliber bullets, old rusting pistol, unsightly graffiti, hidden cases of alcohol close to a school, bear/mountain lion tracks in town, and how in tarnation did a U.S. Postal Service carrier box and even a couple of old bank bags wind up near Apparel Drive? Well, I know more incidentals will occur and the trash is building up again, but at 78 years, I’m afraid I’m too retired to be of much help anymore. GEORGE LASATER, Auburn