Canal hazards may outweigh benefit

Reader Input
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In the past week I have followed two stories in the Journal: another tragic suicide off the Foresthill Bridge (March 24) and another body discovered in the Wise Canal (March 31). I note that we keep an official total on the bridge, 57 at last count, but no record on the canal. By my own unofficial count this is at least two bodies so far for the canal this year, and we are still early into the year. The Wise Canal was built in 1914 before America entered World War I. Before long it will be celebrating its centennial year. I wonder what the official count will be by then? If I were a politician I would look at this with a cost/benefit analysis. I can see what the cost is but what is the benefit? There is, of course, no way that the canal could be built today. The seismic structural requirements alone would be cost-prohibitive. If there was even a small earthquake in Auburn that canal would crack open like an eggshell and put much of North Auburn under several feet of water. Maybe we should be thinking about our aging infrastructure and the cost benefit of a few kilowatts of power. GEORGE P. HORAN, Auburn