Canyon needs regular clearing

Reader Input
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The before and after photos that appeared in the Project Canyon Safe article in the Journal on April 13 is the Grand Oaks Homeowner Association Open Space Area. We worked with the Auburn Fire Department to secure a State Fire Safety Grant in 2006. The fire department did a fantastic job in securing the grant which resulted in a $41,121 effort using Bushwackers Inc. as the contractor. The association paid $10,000 of the total costs and the fire department managed the contract and secured all of the environmental clearances. Unfortunately, the ground vegetation and trees keep growing. The homeowner association is responsible for management and maintenance of the 7.2 acre open area in a fire safe condition. In the spring of 2009, we again entered into a $7,000 contract with Bushwackers Inc. to bring the area back into fire safety compliance. The homeowners in the Robie Point area also need to take some responsibility once the area is cleared again by the efforts of Project Canyon Safe, and keep it maintained, because it will grow back in a couple of years. The Auburn Fire Department is a great organization to work with as is Scott Serenbetz and his company. JACK FARLESS, president, Grand Oaks Homeowner Association, Auburn