Capitalism aids the wealthy

Reader Input
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Unable to refute even a single one of my points, the empty-headed fringe right merely repeats its broken-record statement that in capitalism, ?thousands have gone from rags to riches.? They insult the thousands more of hard-working Americans who have gone from riches to rags and the millions who continue to go from rags to rags. You think capitalism has a history of providing widespread opportunity? Tell that to white and black servants, impoverished southern sharecroppers, ripped-off Native Americans, abused child laborers, broken-backed farm workers, endangered/exploited mine workers, or the millions with inadequate insurance bankrupted by medical bills. They did nothing wrong and gave it everything they had. Anyone who?s played Monopoly knows that unregulated (and unchecked by unions) capitalism inevitably accumulates wealth for an increasingly smaller minority. It repeatedly collapses into recessions and depressions as workers have too little to purchase goods produced. Then the government, through the dangerous tool of deficit spending, bails it out by putting money back into the hands of consumers. Both socialism and capitalism work great on paper but fail in reality due to their subversion by the small group of greedy among us who have to have it all. Jim Beall, Sr., Auburn