Car 'flies' off Auburn-Folsom Road

Driver is DUI suspect
By: Martha Garcia, Loomis News Editor
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A vehicle that missed a curve on Auburn-Folsom Road Sunday morning left behind a wide swath of damage and sent the driver to the hospital. Bonanza Way resident Matt Konar said he heard a loud noise, “like a huge truck going by,” and discovered that a 2001 Ford Mustang had gone through at least 100 feet of his backyard and into his neighbor’s property. “It appears that the vehicle broke through two medium-sized cedar trees (at the edge of Auburn-Folsom Road) and traveled airborne completely above a fence for about 50 feet where it hit a berm and then apparently somersaulted, landing with its rear end into a creek,” Konar said. The car bounced again about 10 feet high – as indicated by marks on two oak trees – and then landed right side up, plowing down a wooden fence and stopping just before a small barn, he said. Loomis Fire Captain Devin Fuller was part of the emergency crew that responded to the 11:40 a.m. accident call involving a single occupant. The male driver was transported to Sutter Roseville Medical Center with moderate injuries, he said. Dave Martinez, California Highway Patrol spokesperson, said the driver was Tony Marez, 22, of Citrus Heights. Martinez said Marez will be cited for a DUI offense. According to Fuller, an off-duty Citrus Heights police officer riding his personal motorcycle eastbound on Auburn-Folsom Road had seen the car, going at approximately 90 to 100 mph. The car hit the curve at about 70 to 80 mph and was unable to maneuver the turn near Miners Drive. Konar’s neighbor is Darrell Jones, a Loomis Fire District captain who was visiting family in Sacramento when the car ended up in his backyard, which faces Auburn-Folsom Road. He rushed home to a debris-strewn yard. “It stopped inches shy of the barn,” Jones said, and when the car knocked down the fence, his dog Neikoda took off running. The accident “freaked out” the 1-year-old malamute and wolf mix, Jones said. “It took about four hours to find him … cowering under bushes about a mile away.” Jones and Konar said accidents on that stretch of Auburn Folsom Road happen frequently. “Speeding and dangerous illegal passing is very common on the road both during rush-hour traffic and leisure hours,” Konar said.