Caring spirit evident at fire

Reader Input
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It is hard to find the appropriate words to express our thanks to all of those individuals who saved our homes, our lives and our community during the recent emergency with the tanker fire. It goes without saying that we may never know their names or faces but they gave of their time, skill and above all, risked their lives for us. All of us listed below live within one and one-half blocks of where the fire was and were at home around noon on Aug. 23 when the officers appeared at our doors with word that we needed to leave immediately. The speed and organization of our police and fire departments was a major reason that we had homes to go back to on Thursday morning. The people of Lincoln have always “banded together” to help each other in a time of need and this spirit of caring and giving was truly evident in recent days. George and Cindy Greer, Jolene Williams and Vickie Vineyard, Lincoln