Cavolt no champion of the little guy

Reader Input
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It seems like Steve Cavolt has his fingers in all sorts of local pots. As head of the Tea Party Patriots he says, in his letter from last week, that he’s collecting donations from $25 to $100 from everyday folks, and doesn’t receive any money from wealthy corporations. Well, not directly, but through groups like Freedom Works he is. Yeah, Steve Cavolt just wants you to think he’s such a champion for the everyday folks. So why is he buying full-page ads for the developer/owner of the Bohemia Retail project off Luther Road where they want to put up a huge 30,000 square foot building to house a Wal-Mart, or some other such megastore? I wonder what’s in it for Mr. Cavolt to be doing the bidding of the developer for the Bohemia Retail project? Nor does he care about how such a megastore will negatively impact so many of the small mom and pop businesses that make Auburn truly unique and a wonderful place to live. He doesn’t care about all the working people who have to commute every day up and down Highway 49 every morning and evening and how the impact of more cars near the Luther intersection will make their commute worse than it already is. We need many Auburnites to go to the Board of Supervisors meeting on Sept. 28 to voice your concerns. The jobs he’s talking about generating are temporary at best while the project is being built, and the wages of the big box stores like Wal-Mart are barely sustainable living wages for those working in them, as has been reported on time and time again. If they want to develop this property, why not do something meaningful, Mr. Cavolt, and put in affordable housing, and a park? Now that would be truly the patriotic thing to do! Joe Marman, Auburn