CDF needs to get back to its mission

Reader Input
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The California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection (CDF) fire fee will not be used for thinning brush and clearing trees around your home (“$150 fire fee bills targeted for some, not all, Auburn-area residents,” Journal, Aug. 14). That is the responsibility of the homeowner per state law (PRC 4291).
CDF never has physically come to your home to do your clearance. They used to come and inspect and make sure you do it, however, my subdivision hasn’t had an inspection since 1997. Furthermore, this is just a scam to put more money into the general fund.
Remember the personal license plate fees? You thought that money was helping vets and so on. Mr. (Daniel) Berlant (Cal Fire spokesman) is an information officer and is told what to say and when to say it and is wrong about where that money will go.
CDF has been funded out of the general fund sense its inception. When I was working it was one penny out of every tax dollar collected. We did just fine as we protected the state’s wildlands or SRA.
Then all of a sudden CDF wanted to be all things to all people and be an all-risk fire department, forgetting there were already great local fire departments doing just fine without their encroachment and thereby wasting tax dollars trying to be a big-city fire department.
What really needs to happen is, CDF needs to get back to being the best wildland firefighting agency in the world and do what they are legislated to do: Protect the wildland and strip all that nonessential crap off the engines so they can carry more hose! Oh, they will moan about structure protection being so much more difficult now.
Bull crap. The best structure protection is to put out the wildland fire. By the way, Cal Fire is just a nick name the union adopted.
Chuk Lawshe, CDF, retired, Pilot Hill