Charter city is the way to go

Reader Input
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City Councilman Kevin Hanley hit the nail on the head in suggesting a robust debate on Auburn being a “charter city” (Another View, Journal, Jan. 7). While we are at it we need to do the same with our schools and state and federal governments. The definition of essential services seems to change as budgets become strained. Let us not forget that the primary role of government is to protect life and property. Freedom becomes limited as government assumes a greater role in performing services that volunteers in communities could do. The question James Madison stated in The Federalist is was there enough “virtue” in the people to retain a free government. As government has usurped a greater degree of control over services in cities, states and at the federal level it has removed the incentive for the ordinary citizen to want to give community service. The unspoken message is, I pay taxes so why should I worry about helping in my town? One of the best ways to promote unity and brotherhood in a community is serving side by side with your neighbors. Remember the government closest to the people is usually the most responsive, efficient and effective. Charter local government is a proven way to give greater control and freedom to the people where it belongs. Dean Forman, Meadow Vista