Charter prepared over many months

Reader Input
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Last week, Ms. (Leslye) Janusz asserted that the Auburn charter “was rushed onto the ballot” (“Oppose charter for better town,” Reader Input, April 20). That’s not true.
The city conducted an in-depth 18-month study, held 10 public hearings, and studied how shifting authority over municipal affairs from the California Legislature to Auburn residents would strengthen our town in the future.
We examined numerous charters, including those for nearby Roseville and Grass Valley. We posted on the city’s website all the drafts of the charter and all the staff reports before city council sessions for public review. We posted the meeting minutes the day after the session for public review.
The final version of the Auburn charter has been on the city’s website for over six months. We are proud of the Auburn charter and want people to read it.
I’m grateful to the many dedicated residents and Auburn business owners who wrote us letters and emails and attended our city council sessions. They helped us draft the Auburn Charter and it is much better for their effort. When the city, residents and business owners in Auburn work like a team, great things happen.
We are now asking Auburn voters to read the charter, study the ballot arguments and support it.
Measure A would shift power from state politicians to Auburn residents, significantly lower sewer repair and future Streetscape construction costs, permanently guarantee support for our amazing volunteers, support local jobs and help protect our town from a catastrophic fire.
Because of the input of our residents, the Auburn charter is custom-designed to not only preserve our small historic town, but to strengthen her for a very challenging future.
Kevin Hanley, vice mayor of Auburn