Check out-of-control growth

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Still Disgusted Here I go doing something that I really don’t like to do. Responding by name to anyone who writes in their opinion. But here goes: In response to Dan Tomich who wrote in the “Reader Input” of the Auburn Journal 10 June 2010. “Please don’t invoke: Go Back where you came from” Well Dan let me first respond to your lack of knowledge of crime in our fair city by saying that it is ever so obvious that you must never read the section “Crime Log”. Duh this all equates to out of control growth. Check the crime in the Roseville Galleria area. Is that what you want for Auburn? Most of us don’t. Now to you being from California, that’s really nice but if could you be more specific it would shed greater light on the issue. Let’s see is it So Cal, (LA), the Bay area or just where. You commented on a Trader Joe’s or a Costco but failed to comment on “WalMart” Why was that? How often do you take the drive thru our area on 49? I guess you must really enjoy the stand still traffic and noise. It must remind you of where you came from and left for the same obvious reasons. Duh!!!! Never the less Thanx for your response. Paul T. McDaniel, Auburn