Checklist to restore USA

Reader Input
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There are four things we can do to get California and the federal government back to fiscal sanity, dramatically reduce unemployment, virtually eliminate illegal immigration and put a lot of drug dealers out of business. 1. Provide incentive to the country’s private sector to hire U.S. citizens for U.S.-based jobs by taxing every business that hires a non-U.S. citizen with a tax amount equal to 100 percent of the employee’s first year’s earnings. 2. Require all government agencies (federal, state and local), except for the Department of Defense, to replace all non-U.S. employees with U.S. citizens for all jobs based in the U.S. or its territories. Give them a one-year period to transition and then eliminate any job that is not in compliance. 3. Cap the total annual compensation (pay and all benefits) of every government employee at 110 percent of the median of a comparable job in the private sector. 4. Require a random annual drug test for every government employee and everyone who receives a welfare check. The private sector has made this work and there are many capable companies to administer the tests. Individuals who fail a test should be docked one month’s payment for the first offense, three month’s payment for the second offense and are booted out of a job or off the welfare roll for the third offense. RICK SCHROEDER, Meadow Vista