China knows little of Jesus

Reader Input
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I have a question for Christians: Of all the nations from which we commonly buy the things we need and want, only China forbids its people to ever hear and be moved by the teachings of Jesus. So why are you, as a Christian, continuing to buy from China, when you could buy about as cheaply from Taiwan, Korea, Japan, the Philippines, Thailand or India, all of which allow “Jesus” to be spoken? And how do you feel about abortion? Probably, you either believe it’s murder of the unborn, or at least a tragedy to be vigorously avoided. So why are you still buying anything from China, the only nation on Earth that forces abortions on women who want to bear a living child? How does that square with your belief that women are as valuable as men? How do you feel about North Korea having nuclear-warhead missiles that can reach our West Coast, to destroy our people and poison our land? By now, North Korea would have sunk into powerless poverty if China hadn’t been the only nation on Earth that continues to trade with North Korea. My wife and I have decided to quit supporting evil. We aren’t buying Christmas presents made in China, and we specifically requested the new tires that her car and my pickup needed not be made in China. Financially, it was about a wash. We have quit supporting evil. How about you? Gordon Ainsleigh, Meadow Vista