Choices for upcoming election a joke

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I recently received my Sample Ballot in the mail and was totally shocked at the choices for this upcoming election. Is this some kind of a joke or what? I?m beginning to get a strong impression that someone is trying very hard to greatly discourage us from voting. Not going to happen! I personally will write in every name from Lord of The Rings to Star Trek and Star Wars; they know how to get the job done and at least we were entertained for our money. All those we elect do, is keep us paying for nothing in return. And also, please do not vote for Suzanne Gazzaniga who is a real loser as a D.A. and she is running for Superior Court Judge Office 4. She is truly a poor prospect for Superior Court. Please help put a stop to a corrupt justice system that is doing no more than filling up prisons and costing you, the taxpayers more money. FRANCES HARE, Weimar