CHP reports accidents steadily decreasing since 2003

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The number of traffic accidents on East Placer County roadways has steadily decreased since 2003, according to a recent report issued by the California Highway Patrol Auburn office. The office reports 640 fewer traffic accidents in 2008 as compared to the number of accidents in 2003. It’s the sixth consecutive year the office has seen the number of traffic accidents decline. In 2003, officers investigated 1,941 accidents; in 2004, 1,935; in 2005, 1,819 accidents investigated; in 2006, 1,633 accidents; in 2007, 1,596 accidents; and 1,301 accidents investigated in 2008. The office attributes the decrease to a saturation of CHP units on the 1,100 miles of East Placer County roadways as well as on Interstate 80, and highways 65, 49 and 193. Officers are assigned on specific portions of a roadway to have a greater impact on unsafe driving behavior such as driving under the influence, speeding, unbelted occupants, tailgating, lane changes and other unsafe actions. Capt. Rick Ward said it’s a common misconception that drivers think officers write tickets to generate revenue. “The CHP receives no funding from traffic fines,” Ward said in a press release. “Our officers enforce traffic laws for one compelling reason – to save lives.” The Auburn CHP office as well as other local law enforcement agencies have teamed up to form the Focus Attention on Safety Enforcement team. The team includes the Auburn, Rocklin, Roseville and Lincoln police departments as well as the Placer County Sheriff’s Office and State Parks. The formation of FAST helps local agencies work together, officials report. “It doesn’t matter the color of our uniforms,” Ward said. “We are all working together toward the same goal of making the roadways safer for the motoring public in our respective jurisdictions.” -Staff report