Cigarettes harm in many ways

Reader Input
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Re: “Dozens homeless after apartment fire,” (Journal, Dec. 5). In the article, you say that the fire was probably caused by a cigarette. I believe that the American people have become lazy and irresponsible with cigarettes. They smoke them in quantities that are not only unhealthy for themselves, but unhealthy for others. People with asthma’s lifespans have been shortened due to second-hand smoke. And even people without asthma’s lifespans are often shortened if a close one, such as a family member, smokes. People throw cigarettes out of cars and burn thousands of acres of wildlife each year. In this case, it left dozens homeless. I think that the American people smoke them much too much, and that cigarettes should be taken off shelves in common stores. I also believe that they should be considered a mind altering substance, because they make someone crave them, more commonly known as addiction. Cigarettes pose a serious threat to the people of the United States, which is why there is a warning label on the packages. LOGAN H. MOORE, student, Auburn