City Council did its homework

Reader Input
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When I hear the old cliché, ?If it ain?t broke, don?t fix it,? used to oppose Measure A, I have to shake my head. This is a recipe for failure in both the business world and in running an efficient city government. Auburn always strives to do better. We know that the Auburn of 2022 will be different from that of today. But when our city government is constantly besieged with new and expensive mandates from the state government that is indeed ?broke,? Auburn has to stand up and do something about it. Measure A asserts our constitutional right to local control over how we run Auburn. In running a family business in Auburn for many years and in supporting many local non-profit organizations in this town, I have deep faith in the dedication and intelligence of our Auburn community. I appreciate the fact that the Auburn City Council conducted a thorough study of how Measure A can and will help Auburn in the future. Norma Harris, former president, Auburn Chamber of Commerce; McCann Award winner