City LED sign a fiscal waste

Reader Input
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Just got around to reading Wednesday’s Journal. Ya know, I first came to Auburn in 1993. I loved it at first sight. Auburn: nice, quiet, historical town, nestled in the foothills. Lots of Mom and Pop shops. No malls. No hype. Little crime. Now, six years after I moved here, I read that you, the Journal, wants an LED sign to, what, ostensibly drum up business (Our View, Feb. 15)? No, wait. You want the sign because $60,000 is burning a hole in your pocket. It’s a sad commentary on our city, my city, when it’s better to waste money than it is to return it. Fiscal responsibility? Please, find a better use for the money. If I had wanted to live in Disneyland, I’d have moved there. Gary L. Vogt, Auburn