City legal fees outrageous

Reader Input
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As a taxpayer and resident of Auburn, I find it outrageous that the city council has not only spent $22,000 on legal fees to prevent the opponents of Measure A from publishing their ballot arguments, but will likely pay thousands more to the other side, since they lost the case and chose not to appeal.
Instead of engaging in a robust debate with the opponents of Measure A, the city council wasted precious taxpayer money on a fruitless attempt to silence the other side.
Then, in a remarkable display of Orwellian nonsense, Mayor (Keith) Nesbitt accuses Measure A’s opponents of “driving our legal fees up.” Hello? Who sued who?
Measure A’s supporters continue to advance the absurd notion that the city was justified in “ferret[ting] out false facts” despite the fact that Judge (Colleen M.) Nichols specifically found that none of the ballot arguments were “verifiably false.”
And these are the same people who are asking us to “trust them” with unprecedented and expanded powers?
Not me.
Paul S. Berger, Auburn