City must address street-level needs

Reader Input
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Friday night my wife and I parked at my office location on Agnes Street to attend dinner Downtown and observe Cruise Nite. It was daylight when we left my office and we were able to negotiate the rough-and-tumble sidewalks to the Monkey Cat. However, on our return after dark, we were essentially forced to walk single-file and in the street to avoid falling on the decadent sidewalks. I have several questions as follows: 1. Why are we going to replace sidewalks and paving on Lincoln Way where they are in quite good shape through the Streetscape project when so many other areas need attention? This is particularly true, as so much of the city does not meet ADA standards. 2. Why do handicapped spaces on Lincoln Way back into crosswalks? Money could be spent on these rather than on Streetscape. 3. The city needs parking! Why isn’t money spent on multilevel parking rather than improving streets and sidewalks that are adequate? I can think of three suitable locations the city owns: the present parking lot across from the State Theater, the city lot between the Tahoe Club and PG&E and the existing lot near the Depoe Bay Coffee Shop. 4. The lane marking in “Clutter Center” needs to be redone to make turning legal without passing into an oncoming lane. Also tree removal or relocation should be considered, as visibility is already somewhat impaired. In general, the city needs to re-evaluate the convenience needs of the public and not try to make Auburn into something it isn’t or won’t be. RALPH MILLER, Auburn