City names appointees to redevelopment agency successor oversight committee made

Officials express hope for Streetscape project
By: Sara Seyydin Journal Staff Writer
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City Council voted Monday night to appoint the administrative services manager and mayor to the oversight committee of the successor agency to the now-dissolved redevelopment agency. Andy Heath, administrative services manager for the city and Mayor Keith Nesbitt will help oversee the closing out of the Auburn Urban Development Authority’s actions. The redevelopment agency was disbanded in January after the California Supreme Court ruled the legislature had a right to dissolve all of the redevelopment agencies in the state and redirect the taxes allocated to them. Heath said most the committee’s actions will take place during spring and taper off through 2016 when the group is expected to be disbanded and taken over by the county. The Auburn Recreation District will also appoint a member to the oversight committee, according to Curt Smith, board member for the recreation district. “It’s on ARD’s agenda,” Smith said. “Whoever we appoint will be ready the first of April.” Nesbitt said the city won a public sector award for Phase I and II of the Streetscape project from the Placer County Economic Development Board, which was paid for by the city’s former redevelopment agency. Councilwoman Bridget Powers said she hopes the rest of the project will be completed despite the agency’s dissolution. “Congratulations to the City of Auburn for winning such a prestigious award and here’s to many more,” Powers said. “Hopefully we find to a way to finish Streetscape.” In other news, City Council approved a sign to highlight the Auburn Airport and Business Park. Vivid Signs, a business in the airport park, won the project with the lowest bid of $ 10,935. The sign will be paid for with the airport fund, according to Bernie Schroeder, public works director. The initial sign, which will be located on the corner of New Airport Road and Bell Road, will feature a stabilizer donated by TGH Aviation and floodlighting. A second sign to be located at the corner of Locksley Lane and Highway 49 is also in the works, according to Powers. She said the city has worked to present the sign to each association within the business park. “Overall the majority said, ‘We like this concept. We want to move forward with this and we are OK with the funds coming from the airport funds,’” Powers said. Reach Sara Seyydin at, or follow her on Twitter @AJ_News.