City undercuts a living wage

Reader Input
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The city of Auburn has begun on its path toward becoming a charter city. During a city council meeting (May 9), the proposal to create a committee that would have allowed residents to check out the proposal and make suggestions was dismissed “out of hand.” “A city charter in the name of ‘home rule’ would allow the city council the discretion to act as it deems fit, on all items of ‘municipal’ affairs, including council member salaries (i.e. Bell, CA), elections, revenues and fees, zoning and land use (annexation) issues. Moreover, the item of most concern ... is that council member (Kevin) Hanley has readily proclaimed that if the city of Auburn were to exempt itself from paying prevailing wages, they could save money on capital construction costs.” (Carpenters Local Union No. 46, May 12.) “To raise city council member salaries, while cutting construction worker wages? This is clearly an attack on the wages and the standard of living of all construction workers.” I just want to encourage Auburnites to stop this. Be aware of the city council’s doings! Attend the upcoming meetings on June 13, July 11, and Aug. 8 at 6 p.m. at the Auburn City Hall. Thank you for getting involved. Suzy Forwood, Auburn