Civilized health care, anyone?

Reader Input
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Have you had enough? Are you done throwing your money at a for-profit health care (non)system which at its most basic level must deny you care in order to thrive? Are you tired of seeing your money go toward lining the pockets of insurance executives and shareholders rather than actual health care? There is a plan to save our collapsing health care system in California. It covers medical, dental, vision, mental health, chiropractic and alternative treatments. It controls costs, covers everyone for life, and for the vast majority will cost less than they are now paying. It is supported by nearly 60 percent of doctors and hundreds of California organizations including California Nurses Association, California Physicians Alliance, American Medical Student Association, California Teachers Association, Consumer Federation of California, League of Women Voters and California Alliance for Retired Americans. It has such resounding support that it has passed our legislature twice, only to be vetoed by Governor Schwarzenegger. It is Senate Bill 810, the California Universal Health Care Act. Full care, for all, for less, for life. Isn’t it time for “civilized” medicine? Cindy Sherbeck, Nevada City, member, Health Care for All