Clean up after breath tests

Reader Input
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A bicycle ride on the various roads and neighborhoods throughout Placer County shows the rider that (law enforcement is) curbing the constant problem of suspected and possible drunk driving. After the traffic stop on the suspicious driver is completed, the very distinct purple gloves, along with the white Breathalyzer, are discarded on the spot where the stop was completed. I view this action as just plain littering on their part as well as a potential health problem for the many residents who have small children around where some of the stops are investigated. Since deputies obviously do not know if the suspect may be carrying communicable diseases, these gloves are worn for their protection. I can’t think of one child who has not picked up items from the ground and placed an item to taste and chew just to experience the sensation of the experience. There’s no doubt the curious child would find and see these discarded latex gloves like a balloon … and put their mouth to them. Keep up the good work to prevent drunk driving on the roads of California, but clean up the mess so road workers, inmates and community members do not fall victim to a likely health problem and trip to the doctor or hospital because of laziness. JOHN WESLEY NOBLE, III, Auburn