Clean up US energy sources

Reader Input
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Every week or so someone writes a new article about global warming. The Thursday, March 11 edition of the Journal contains one such opinion. The title of this letter to the editor is, “Global warming a political hoax.” I don’t believe I’ve read an article so far that was written by a truly qualified individual When you enter into the fight about global warming, you are really missing the point. It is hard for us to know what is true and false in this debate. What we do know for sure is: gasoline burned in cars is the biggest contributor to air pollution. Coal burned to produce electricity has caused severe damage to the environment. Acid rain, dead forests and streams, unhealthy air, heavy metals and dead fish are common around our nation. Breathing problems are at epidemic levels. Recently hundreds of cities were listed as having unhealthy air. Regardless of blame, it is time to switch to “home-grown,” cleaner fuels: wind and solar, hydroelectric and nuclear, if necessary; automotive fuels made from grasses and algae; plug-in electric cars for local travel. Better for our health, better for our economy, better for national security. PAUL PERCY, Colfax