Clear the plate of yesteryear

Reader Input
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In 2012, I resolve to point out even more clearly how Republican and tea party politicians have done everything in their power to hamper President Obama, to keep the economy floundering and prevent job creation; to which, the tea party Republicans are now stonewalling the president’s jobs bill that would add 1.9 million new jobs. The Republicans’ catchy slogan “Where are the jobs?” is just so much hooey. I resolve to keep hammering home the fact that Republican tax cuts for the rich do not trickle down and are useless when it comes to job creation. All these tax cuts do is decrease the amount of monies flowing into the treasury and increase state and federal budget deficits. Polls find that Americans feel that the country is on the Titanic and it’s going down. These people have either been watching too much Fox News or listening to Rush Limbaugh and Michael Savage, or, live in an alternative reality. I know many people and not one soul feels or thinks this way. OK, now that we’ve cleared the plate of yesteryear, let’s get on with a happy and cheery new year. Ron Lowe, Nevada City