Colfax about more than price

Reader Input
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I am annoyed to waste even five minutes responding to Knight Wagner’s nasty letter (Reader Input, Jan. 19), however, he apparently needs reminding that life is all about choices! If he is so offended by the price of things in Colfax, I suggest he shop elsewhere, and keep his moronic thoughts to himself. Mr. Wagner, I’d like some dates and details, please. When was the last time McDonald’s, Taco Bell or Pac N Save donated time or money to the Colfax baseball program, the Colfax Ball Park, the Sierra Vista Community Center, or for that matter, anything Colfax? Downtown Colfax is struggling just like many other communities across our nation at this time. If you know anything about running a small business, you know that you don’t have the same buying power as Pac N Save, McDonald’s etc., therefore you have to pay more for the items you stock, and must also charge a little more. As a consumer, I will take the service I receive, running into and visiting with people I know, the community outreach provided by the businesses you malign, and the hometown feel anytime, over paying a couple dollars less! Debbie Woods, Colfax, happy Colfax shopper