Colfax can use the leg-ups

Reader Input
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As a citizen of the cash-strapped city of Colfax, I have to compliment Gus Thomson and the Auburn Journal for reporting on the work former Congressman John T. Doolittle and Congressman Tom McClintock are doing to help the small communities of Northern California (Journal, April 13). Paying an 18-year United States Representative $30,000 to lobby for a $1 million federal grant, plus McClintock’s efforts to stop predatory lawsuits while at the same time seeking a $1.4 million low-interest loan for the city, is something perhaps only Colfax could pull off. After all, Colfax City Manager Bruce Kranz gets along well with both men, as do most of the council members. There are few places where municipalities can obtain this kind of money other than from a government further up the tax chain. What better people to call on than those who have served, or are serving, at that level? I realize some of the article wasn’t exactly a song of praise for the $30-grand lobbying effort, but there was still a note of optimism to it. This is a boom or bust time in America and we need all the firepower we can get. Those involved in this effort deserve credit, even if it was between the lines. Let’s hope Mr. Thomson’s next article is one about the success of this venture; we could use it. Jim Linsdau, Colfax