Colfax Chronicles

From the files of the Colfax Record
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One Year Ago June 21, 2010 – Colfax City Manager Bob Perrault must return to the California Regional Water Quality Control Board in 30 days with a scheduled for implementing a number of improvements at the Colfax Wastewater Treatment Plant. Wastewater from the treatment facility flows into Smuthers Ravine, a tributary of Bunch Creek. From there the water flows to the North Fork of the American River and then into Folsom Lake. An 11-year struggle with the California Regional Water Control Board over an underground tank removed at the old Colfax Elementary School buildings has come to an end. Officials received a letter dated June 1, 2001, saying in part, “This letter confirms the completion of an investigation and corrective action for the underground tank formerly located at the above location.” New officers for Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 2003 in Colfax are Herb Lyman, John McLaughlin, John Cruser, Richard Owens, Harry Green, Earl Morris, Bruce Chaloux, Howard Knost, John Hannigan, Joe Marchello and Howard Knost. Officers for the VFW Auxiliary include Donna Lyman, Maria Weber, Barbara Green, Betty Lugena, Chris Wheeler, Sandra Hannigan, Italeen Allen, Cecile Wood, Carol Sanders, Betty Velican and Beth Murphy. 10 Years Ago June 24, 2001 – Colfax High School student Michael D’Amour has been invited to participate in the American High School Honors Performance series in New York’s Carnegie Hall. Colfax Center Stage Dance Studio students Traci Fritzsinger, Maya Hoofman and Isabella Sawi were set to participate in a celebration of dance at Nevada Union High School in Grass Valley. As part of the Career Club Program at Colfax Elementary School, 50 eighth-graders had the opportunity to tour the University of California at Davis and Sacramento State University. Army Spec. John T. Evans, a 2006 graduate of Colfax High School, has been named Medical Command soldier of the year. 20 Years Ago June 19, 1991 – A shortage of pyrotechnicians as a result of Operation Desert Storm means there is no one to set off fireworks on the Fourth of July for the first time in decades. Police Chief Bill Mintline said he was working with the Colfax Area Chamber of Commerce to encourage a more family oriented July 4 celebration and to de-emphasize alcoholic consumption. The 103-unit Colfax Pines subdivision at the corner of Iowa Hill Road and Grandview was not given an extension by the Colfax City Council as requested by developer Patrick Maguire and his attorney, Robert Rogers. Maguire had already received a one-year extension on the project and was asking for another one-year extension. The new Heart Federal Savings and Loan office in Colfax is drawing the criticism of city officials nd members of the public because of its modular appearance that does not fit into the architecture of the downtown area. Dennis Wertz, Senior Patrol Leader and Life Scout with Boy Scout Troop 25 of Colfax, is the first to deposit aluminum cans in the troop’s collection set up for July 4. After five years and plenty of with state bureaucracies, Alta-Dutch Flat School is finally seeing its expansion project come to fruition. The expansion, begun in 1987, will add three classrooms and a library. Lora Konnerth of Weimar won thee gold medals at the May 4 Regional Special Olympics at Bear River High School. Bob Davis of the Colfax Police Department was scheduled to speak June 19 at a Colfax Area Chamber of Commerce luncheon at Sergio at Giovanni’s. 50 Years Ago June 22, 1961 – The temperature in Colfax reached a high of 107 and a low of 69 on June 15. The remainder of the week was almost as hot: June 14, 105/66; June 16, 106/74; June 17, 97/73; June 18, 93/68; June 19, 98/72; June 20. 102/70. Placer County voters went to the polls Tuesday to vote 7,423 in favor and 296 against the revenue bonds for the construction of reservoirs and powerhouses on the upper American and Rubicon rivers. Votes in the combined Illinoistown and Colfax precincts were 350 yes to 8 no. Steel work on the Colfax Swim Pool has been done this week, following an intensive schedule of volunteer labor on numerous aspects of the pool. Swim King Co. was the contractor for the first phase of the work. Approximately $5,000 is still needed if use of the pool is made this season. H.R. “Bob” Kauffman of the Colfax Garage has purchased the property and building of the Christian Science Society adjoining his used car lot on Grass Valley Street. The property, which was originally owned by the Werry family, is 29 feet 3 inches wide and 91 feet deep. The building, which is now nearly completely razed, was built for a restaurant in the days of the railroad construction and since that time has housed a number of businesses, including H.O. “Frenchy” Grenier’s jewelry store and the Colfax Record. The property was deeded to the Christian Science society by the late Hammond Williams, brother of A.E. Williams, and until recently the church has conducted services in the building. Postmaster R.P. Fawcett advises the patrons of the Colfax post office that chain letters for obtaining money, savings bonds or other things of value are a violation of the postal lottery and fraud laws. Edyth Erwin of Garberville will will be the new fourth-grade teacher at Colfax Elementary School, following the resignation of Mrs. Eva Chirco. George Eddy, after spending 19 months in the service in Germany and being discharged, surprised his wife, Carol, and his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Blair Eddy, when he walked in the house early Tuesday morning. 75 Years Ago June 25, 1936 – Miss Bernice Ramsey was elected Goddess of Liberty for the Colfax 4th of July Celebration in a contest sponsored by the Colfax Lions. Other contestants were Miss Roberta Burbage and Miss Jean Hutchinson. The Placer Union High School Board of Trustees at its meeting June 30 fixed its budget for 1936-37 at $161,923. John C. Doucette and Mrs. Stella Pollock were indicted on four counts, two for arson, by the Placer County Grand Jury. They are suspected of having burned a dwelling in Colfax owned by the woman as a means of obtaining the insurance. More than 100 head of sheep were killed outright or were slain because of injuries (by Highway Patrolman Neil Marvin and Hulbert, the butcher) Tuesday afternoon when a truck and trailer load of sheep got beyond control of driver Clarence Whiteside on the Long Ravine grade and crashed into a steel girder of the Narrow Gauge Railroad and overturned off the highway grade. Train service into Colfax was temporarily disrupted. Call fire Chief Joe Termine of the Colfax fire company; they will burn the dry grass off your lot for a nominal fee of $2.50 per lot. Stuart Schwab, son of the late T. L. Schwab, pioneer merchant of Iowa Hill, has announced his candidacy for the office of Supervisor of District 5.