Columnist gives incorrect info

Reader Input
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John Brassfield’s assertion (“Another View,” Journal, Feb. 10) that Measure B will tax the total square footage of structures on a parcel is just flat wrong. The square footage to be used for each taxable parcel will be the same as that determined in the current Placer County Assessor records. For residential parcels, the assessor uses the gross living area for the home, and does not include the square footage for other structures on the parcel, like barns or sheds. To learn the square footage for your home, you may call either the SCI Consulting Group toll-free at (800) 273-5167, or the assessor’s office at (530) 889-4300. Constructive debate is one thing, but please don’t make a decision based on misinformation. For my part, I urge a “yes” vote on Measure B to save fire and emergency medical response services in Newcastle. YVONNE LEWIS, Newcastle fire board member, Auburn