Columnist/reporter got his facts wrong on parking

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Recent material published in the Journal written by Jim Ruffalo about the City of Auburn’s Walker parking study is bountiful evidence newspapers should bar editorial staff from reporting on stories they recycle as fodder for opinion columns. His news piece last week (March 25) is not only tainted by his personal opinion, it is riddled with errors. Ruffalo paraphrased me in his story regarding parking in Old Town saying that I “ ... began pushing for a paid parking scheme for that area. He also made it known his opinion was the sooner the better.” This is absolutely untrue. While I did participate in a discussion about paid parking, in fact former Auburn Councilman Bob Snyder is the person who aggressively touted parking meters as a potential solution. Accurate reporting would have quoted me saying that if parking meters were installed, Old Town merchants would be the first to oppose them. I did not endorse, promote or push for paid parking in the historic enclave. Ruffalo simply got it wrong. In Sunday’s (March 29) Journal, Ruffalo’s mean-spirited and toxic column took a poisoned swipe at me in the lead graph. Using gutless innuendo, Ruffalo did not mention me by name, but I was his obvious target. Ruffalo, a lapdog to city management, blithely supports this bloated, $71,000 parking study, and much of his Sunday column was glowing with pandering praise that sounds as though it was ghosted by city staff. Jim, think about going back to radio. Gary Moffat Auburn