Come enjoy the church gardens

Reader Input
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I wish to thank the Auburn Journal and Gloria Young for the article (July 2) about the gardens at Bell Road Baptist Church. It took many people and many hours to complete these projects, starting with Bob Dane who dug the holes for the first roses that later became the Memorial Rose Garden. I had the idea, but Barry Friesen took my ideas and created these beautiful gardens. The Donner Garden Club of Auburn and the Gold Country Rose Society co-sponsored the gardens with donations and help to maintain them. Members of Donner Garden Club finished planting the blind garden just in time for the Sierra Services for the blind members to come and visit the garden. The Placer Agency for the Blind will visit the garden next week. There is a plaque with names of each donor and each person who has worked at the gardens. It is on display at functions held by the church. Please come and visit the gardens. There are picnic tables and benches for you to sit and enjoy all the beauty around you. Brochures are available at the Welcome Center and the Chamber of Commerce. Rena Webb, Auburn