Common sense went by the wayside

Reader Input
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In reply to Bill LaFlaur (“Republicans rich-obsessed,” Reader Input, Sept. 21), “America today faces three overarching challenges, each of which transcends the partisan divide and any one of which could cause grievous harm to our beloved country” (Heritage Foundation). The three are entitlements, defense and most important, the challenge to the Constitution.
So many freedoms have been taken from us and not by your “rich-obsessed” but by the ones who want to “take from the rich and give to the poor.” That is a socialistic program that hurts everyone and is not something that is condoned by the Constitution of the United States.
Responsible individuals know that the environment needs some protection but the environmentalists have gone to the extreme, as has the Water Resource Board.
Sewage disposal charges have gone out-of-sight — why — because bleach can no longer be used to purify the water.
That is just one issue and the cost to those on Sewage Maintenance District 1 is now $984, basically just to flush your toilet and to make sure that the “fish” are not hurt.
Windshield washer liquid that will not freeze cannot be purchased in Placer County. It can be gotten in other counties. Some types of liquid sealers cannot be gotten in this county.
Has common sense and personal responsibility become a thing of the past?
If so, they should be “reinstated.”