Community reaches out to help Georgetown couple in need

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Georgetown couple Charisse and Vincent Paquet are in need of support at this time as they face Vincent Paquet’s diagnosis of stage 4 cancer. Meadow Vista resident Cherie Holm met Charisse Paquet at Gottschalks in 2002, when she went to work there for the Christmas season. “The first thing I admired about her was how passionate she is about her family, her husband, Vincent, (and) her daughters Desiree and Charmaine,”?Holm said. Over the years working together, Holm had the pleasure of getting to know the Paquet family through conversations with Charisse Paquet about all the things they did together as a family. Holm shares the following letter regarding the Paquets’ struggle: “Though I didn’t meet Vincent for probably a year after Charisse and I met, I knew I would like him. Charisse had shared stories with me of how this great guy pursued her at age 14 and had been her husband since she was 16. Vincent worked as a landscaper supporting Charisse and their two beautiful daughters, Desiree and Charmaine. Charisse was a stay-at-home mom maintaining their beautiful home in Loomis while the girls were growing up. So immediately I felt a fondness for Vincent due to his strength and commitment as a family man, but also his love of plants. “Both Desiree and Charmaine graduated from Del Oro High School in Loomis. Desiree pursued a singing career for a time locally and then entered the banking field. She resides with her beautiful daughter in Minden, Nev., and is branch manager of U.S. Bank in Minden. Charmaine met and married Jim Skellenger, a local guy, pursued a career in dental hygiene and also lives in Minden with Jim and their two beautiful daughters. “Recently Charisse and Vincent received the news we all dread to hear: ‘You have cancer.’ Vincent Paquet was diagnosed with a stage 4 form of cancer prior to Christmas. Much due Charisse’s tenacious personality, the doctors finally were able to give them answers to Vincent’s health problems that they had been dealing with for months. “Like so many of us, Charisse and Vincent find themselves facing a difficult situation without the means of health insurance. Arriving at this point they have already incurred medical costs beyond their means. Charisse recently went to work for Target in Auburn. Vincent has not been able to continue working due to the weakness he is experiencing from the cancer.” Family and friends within the communities of Placer County, especially in Auburn, Loomis, Granite Bay and Lincoln, who know Vincent and Charisse Paquet are invited to make donations at any U.S.?Bank location to the Vincent Paquet Donation Fund, Account No. 153754861653. “I just want to thank everybody for all their support and help,”?Charisse Paquet said. Any manner of support is greatly appreciated. The extra support from family and friends will help ease the burden of the medical costs that they have incurred and will incur. Any questions and/or concerns may be addressed to Holm via Facebook.