Community shows big heart

Reader Input
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The Ysunza family and extended family would like to convey our sincere appreciation and gratitude to the Colfax and Auburn community for your heartfelt gift of love and compassion during the recent passing of Edward T. Ysunza III. On March 24 over 1,000 of Ed’s closest friends and family gathered at the Gold Country Fairgrounds to celebrate and reflect on memories of Ed and a life cut short. The Placer building was transformed into a celebratory mecca just perfect for the afternoon of activities. Its walls were peppered with photos, and of course the Colfax High School banner was hung as a proud reminder of Ed’s contribution to the Colfax Falcons. For those unable to find a seat they were content to stand to pay their respects. As friends and family took the stage to honor Ed, tears of joy and sorrow filled the room. For those in attendance their day was filled was an overshadowing desire to be a better person — what a legacy. The camaraderie of a community brought together by the passing of one of their own has been awe-inspiring. If life was measured by the number of friends and not years, Ed would have outlived us all. Thank you. Joan Ysunza, Auburn