Compliance actually do-able

Reader Input
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Mr. (Larry) Taylor and the other businesses noted in the Sunday (July 10) Journal do not have to close down — they simply need to make “reasonable modifications.” In the case of a store with aisles that are too narrow, there is an exception to the codes that allow for narrower aisles in some instances. But those that cannot be made fully compliant really should get a CASp survey, preferably before (attorney Scott) Johnson or someone else sends them a warning letter. Then they have third-party-verified proof that their business cannot be made fully compliant reasonably and they are doing the best they can. It really is that simple. Nothing in the ADA was supposed to close down a business. The federal government even has tax credits and deductions to help pay for surveys and access improvements. And a survey is generally much cheaper than attorney’s fees and paying off a lawsuit. Michelle Davis, architect, certified access specialist, Auburn