Confounded by Obama stance

Reader Input
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This is in response to three letters to the editor in the Jan. 29 paper. I want to commend Steve Cavolt for his great letter. It’s hard to understand why so many people can’t see what is going on in America today. Thanks for putting what is happening to this great country so clearly. Another great letter is by James McKesson regarding holding educators accountable for the taxpayers’ money they spend and how it is spent. I am addressing this to the third letter by Bob and Ginny Mock. I have been reading your numerous letters in the past and find it difficult to understand why you think Obama is a qualified president. You list his qualifying attributes as being a compassionate man, learned speechmaker and intelligent. Are these what you think are important in selecting a president? What about fiscal responsibility? Our debt has skyrocketed under his leadership. What of job creation? It has deteriorated over his three years. What about Obamacare’s plans for government-run socialized medicine that will force rationing and waiting lists, the government takeover of our banks, insurance companies, automakers and financial institutions, to name a few. It’s hard to understand why a well-educated person like you, a retired school teacher, can’t see the destruction this man and his cohorts have brought to this country. So many people take the freedoms we have in this country for granted and don’t realize how fortunate we have been to be able to have had this freedom and our privacy. Please read Steve Cavolt’s letter, which appears on the same page as your letter and please get better informed, Mr. Mock, as you and so many that write pro Obama letters must want this country to go the way of socialist Europe. I feel so fortunate that my grandparents left Europe to settle in America many years ago and so thankful that I was able to spend my life in this country. I pray that God will bless America and help us out of this mess we are in. Margaret Carli, Granite Bay