Congressman opposes excess

Reader Input
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A recent letter writer (Reader Input, July 11) complains about Congressman Tom McClintock’s vote against a bill to extend unemployment benefits to 99 weeks. This bill spends $34 billion — costing every family in America an average of $450. This is the type of spending from the federal government that is destroying jobs by taking capital out of the hands of the private sector, which would use it to invest and create jobs. Jobs can only be created by business, not by continued massive expenditures financed by debt. The Congressman spent this district work period traveling throughout the district meeting with constituents, a vast majority of whom support his actions to curb the reckless spending that is prolonging this recession and threatening to turn it into a depression. Readers may be interested in a recent survey on constituent opinions. They can see the survey on the Congressman’s website at Bill George, press secretary, U.S. Representative Tom McClintock