Connect county with 211 service

Reader Input
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I thank The Auburn Journal for the article on 211 Placer County (“211 community service call directory proposed for Placer County,” Journal, Jan. 18). Additional information is needed. 211 is a 2000 Congressional mandate being implemented by county or state. Recent statistics show 86 percent of the United States and 92 percent of California are connected. Placer is the last large county in California to get started. Nevada County and Sacramento County both have it. 211 is accessed like 911. 211 gives information on a huge variety of help information, both for those in need and those that would like to volunteer to help. It will be available online, but many people who are low-income, senior, or handicapped do not have access to a computer or are unable to deal with the Internet. 211 is easy to remember, easy to use, and takes much load off of 911 operators and offices that people call for help not provided by that office. People who answer calls can direct callers to help they didn’t know existed due to the wideness of information. The challenge is raising the $224,000 a year it will take to fund it. Less than $1 per person in Placer County, per year would adequately fund it. Bev Anderson, Colfax