Consider the Idaho stop law

Reader Input
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My husband and I enjoy riding mountain and road bikes, but our children haven’t shown too much interest in riding, until recently our oldest has been riding with me to get in cycling shape as she is headed to UCSC in September, and her mode of transportation will be a bicycle. She will not be taking an automobile. Since she is not participating in any organized sports right now. She has been running, hiking and since adding cycling into the mix has lost 10 pounds. Idaho deserves recognition as being the only state to have the courage to adopt a law allowing cyclists to treat stop signs as yield signs, which requires cyclists to yield to traffic with the right-of-way, but allowing cyclists to roll through stop signs if they have the right-of-way. Bicycle injuries declined 14.5 percent the year after adoption of the law, and there has been no negative effects cited since the law’s inception 29 years ago, only positive results such as it makes for improved bicycle commuting, has proven to be safer and it is a more reasonable alternative to the current bicycle stop laws in all the other 49 states. Cycling advocates from other states have been trying to follow Idaho’s lead, but all have been unsuccessful thus far. Teresa Kenworthy, Auburn