Contagion may strike again

Reader Input
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I am compelled today to warn the community of a highly contagious condition to which I have recently been exposed. Friday evening at the (packed to the gunnels) State Theater, my wife and I found an incredible troupe of talented teens assembled onstage, polished and ready to pounce with their non-stop barrage of sharp-witted, perfectly timed humor, observation and enthusiasm. After two hours of their relentless levity, we spilled back out onto Lincoln Way, bellies and faces genuinely sore from laughter ? and an optimistic spirit that I never would have expected. Bravo to the Take Note Troupe! I can?t wait to see them again in late May and early June shaking out some Shakespeare. But beware, friends and neighbors ? exposure to these teens will surely cause an infection of good spirit! Chris Carmichael, Auburn