Costco: The cheese in developer’s trap?

Reader Input
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The Bohemia retail project developer’s representative says, “Lets get the facts straight!”, but conspicuously omits the most controversial one — why? This developer recently used full-page ads in the Journal to show the public how honest and open he is and to presumably rally their support, but he left out one central issue. I’m trying to noodle through the strategy but I’m stumped. This developer is not dumb, and he knows that anyone with even modest knowledge of this proposed development is aware that at this site he has already tried and failed to anchor Wal-Mart, and, yes he’s trying again. At his recent neighborhood meeting he said potential tenants include Costco, Wal-Mart and others. So why didn’t his advertisement mention Wal-Mart? Is it simply because he knows that while some embrace Wal-Mart others detest them. He was sure to mention Costco by name — a public favorite. Can it be this simple? This seems like the cheese in the trap. Do you think Mr. (Jim) Conkey, an experienced developer, told his minion “OK, submit the advertisement and tell them you are presenting the facts, and don’t forget to reference ‘freedom’ and ‘the Constitution,’ but don’t say anything about Wal-Mart.” He knows this omission is glaring. So what’s his game? This gimmick alone discredits his entire high-priced ad. Speaking of which, some of what he says may brush the truth, but what he really does is slant it. So what was the real purpose of Mr. Conkey’s ad? The good news is the Journal made some money. Jeff Patton, Auburn