Count reader out of paying for arena

Reader Input
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“We ask you to remain open-minded,” said (Sacramento) Mayor Kevin Johnson to 70 Placer Chamber of Commerce members from Roseville, Rocklin, Lincoln and Auburn. Then with a wink, he encouraged those same members to purchase or renew their season tickets for the Kings as part of an effort to get pre-season sales up to 10,000. He then said a strong 2011-12 season (in attendance to Kings’ home games) would make it even harder for Kings’ owners to justify moving the team. Now, the proponents of the arena point to its “multi-use” capability and cultural draw as the primary benefit to this ill-timed initiative. “It’s not just about the Kings and the NBA.” Horse feathers! As a Placer County resident, the “open mind” stops at my property line, and where I purchase things considered as normal living expenses. I even question the logic for travel and tourism tax from a broad sweep perspective. Seriously, add a 10 percent tax to a hotel night in Rocklin or Auburn to benefit someone attending a concert (or a Kings game) in Sacramento? Seriously? A Placer County supervisor that votes in favor of a general tax for this arena is either nuts, or receiving a personal perk from the “Kings Arena Task Force.” It’s that simple. Sure, I will remain open-minded. Just don’t tinkle on my boot and try to tell me it is raining. Dan Costello, Auburn