Country roads unsafe for bicyclists

Reader Input
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First off I want to say I have nothing against bicyclists; this is all about safety. I think it is time we stop the country bike rides and tours for purely safety reasons. This last weekend is the second time I have almost been in a head-on collision due to bicyclers in the road on a blind hill. Our country roads are hardly big enough for vehicles driving side by side to stay in one lane without having to worry about a bicyclist. I have neighbors that have hurt livestock due to not enough room for his truck and trailer and an oncoming truck and trailer and bicyclist in the road. I have no problem sharing the road when the road is safe for a bicycler. But they are not cars, they are not as fast as cars and they do not follow the same rules of cars. They do not stop for stop signs and they ride two and three deep in the road until they notice a car or you are right up on them and they have nowhere to go but into the bushes, yet we are at fault if they get hurt. There needs to be some compromise. The bicyclers need to have respect for us who live on those country roads and drive them every day with or without trailers. Because our lives, their lives and our livestock are consistently being put in danger due to them. It is time they be made to ride on roads that are safe for a bicyclist and a car to be on at the same time, like the ones that have bike lanes. Extra money was put out for those bike lanes to be put in so everybody could be safe while we are sharing the road. It is time they get used and quit putting us and our livestock in danger! LISA MILLER, Lincoln