County should put a cork in wine tasting

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Placer County wineries insist on foisting their illegal wine-tasting gimmick on unsuspecting neighbors, tainting legitimate farmers' reputations in the process. Now a recent Los Angeles Times article tells the truth about the booze hounds who show up at these tasting counters, throwing up in the shrubbery, shouting, singing, flinging off garments ¦ Some wineries in Napa have put out signs, No limos. California's vehicle codes (speeding, driving without license, etc.) are not enforceable on private drives, yet Placer vintners want to turn their private one-lane shared easement driveways into commercial roadways, open to the public under the smokescreen of agriculture's right to farm. Neighbors and pets will never know what hit them when the had been drinking (HBD) crowd appears ” it won't be pretty. Wine tasting is far removed from the growing of the grapes. By their logic, if I raise sheep, grow hops, or raise cattle, I should be able to open a wool clothing store, a beer bar or restaurant on my property zoned residential/agricultural. If they grow their own grapes (some of these proposed wine tasting rooms won't even do that!), people can come to taste the grapes. Let Placer County wineries that don't have public road access go the route of other endeavors: Start a co-op and have customers drive to public venues for tasting and purchasing. If the product is good, it will be on retail shelves soon enough. Stop the ill-conceived wine-tasting ordinance now ” before the train wreck. Ernie Jay Auburn