Criminal justice system is broken

Reader Input
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I am not a fan of our criminal justice system. The “not guilty” plea of the “Placer County duo,” (Journal, April 22), reaffirms my belief that our justice system is broken. This duo was booked for assault, kidnapping and carjacking two vehicles. They (reportedly) brutally beat 81-year-old James Wright with a tire iron, who (was) in critical condition, fighting for his life, and then were arrested in one of the stolen vehicles they (allegedly) carjacked after a dangerous, high-speed chase. Then there is the story on page A1 in the Friday-Saturday (April 22-23) edition, “Sticker scam busted.” That the suspects, who were caught with such a sophisticated system of switching UPC price tags and have (allegedly) stolen over $50,000 worth of merchandise by switching price tags, have been released on “their own recognizance,” AKA “good character,” again reaffirms that our justice system is broken. Leon Stanley, Auburn