Cut ’em loose, reader says

Reader Input
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The Auburn City Council missed a fresh opportunity to show leadership and courage in regards to the newly approved police chief. Here was the chance to tell Captain (John) Ruffcorn if you want to be the next chief of police of Auburn we will pay you $180,000 per year, pay your phone bill and car (for business only), start a 401K program of which we (City of Auburn) will contribute to based on the current financial situation at the time. You will be given the same health care program the city provides but you will have a co-pay of say 15 to 20 percent. But John, when you retire, thats the end of it. You’re off the payroll. You get zip, nada, zero from us. You will retire on what you have accumulated over your employment years just like the rest of the real world. Not only did you (the City Council) wimp out, but you again demonstrated that public employees are unable to govern for the future of Auburn taxpayers even when they see this never-ending cycle of public employees never leaving the payroll. Got to start sometime, and the sooner the better. JAMES McKESSON, Auburn