Cuts key to fixing budget

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Paul Comiskey wants (once again) for the voters to have the opportunity to vote themselves higher taxes (Reader Input, June 2). Burdening hard working citizens with an extended tax increase is Gov. Jerry Brown’s cop-out solution to balancing the state budget, and apparently Comiskey’s as well. Comiskey parrots the same old Democrat scare tactics (heard for three decades now) that our schools will go bankrupt and our economy will be “severely damaged” if taxes are not raised. Comiskey seems unaware that California’s economy is already “severely damaged” due to numerous environmental laws and high taxes that have driven businesses out of state. And as a teacher myself, it got old when hearing for 20 years that our budget was being cut, despite the fact that schools were to receive 50 percent of the state budget. No one addresses the issue of what the money is used for, if not for the classroom. Approximately 30 percent of the budget is spent on welfare and medical costs, and a large number of those people are illegal aliens. The cost and burden to educate, provide medical and incarcerate illegal aliens nearly equals the deficit in the state budget. Do the Democrats care? Guess not, because recently Democrats introduced legislation to “provide state-funded financial aid for immigrant college students who entered the United States illegally.” Californians have no one to blame but themselves for the failing economy (12 percent unemployment), cutbacks in the schools, immigration issues. They continue to elect Democrats who hold the majority in both houses and have for 40 years. Dianne Foster, Foresthill